Further information about staying at Croft Bungalow

We hope to cover all the information that people considering staying with us may ask.

If you dont find it on this page, try looking at our  Frequently Asked Questions page  try the search box at the top to search on key words,  or if all else fails…

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Hoist & Equipment loan

We have some equipment that is always in the bungalow, as well as some extra items we can lend guests on demand.  Click ‘View Details’ for details.

Using local carers

If guests require carers to visit while they are staying with us, we can put them in touch with the local carers so that it can all be arranged before their stay.  Click ‘View Details’ for more information.

Scooter / Equipment hire

Want to hire a scooter, or additional equipment when you stay with us?  Click ‘View Details’ for more information.

booking Terms and Conditions

Click ‘View Details’ to see our booking terms and conditions.