Accessible Aids & Equipment

We have a variety of equipment that we are able to lend guests. We don’t charge for loaning equipment to guests.

Riser recliner chairs

We have two riser recliner chairs for our guests to use. One is next to the garden door and the first chair you come to in the lounge for easy access, the other has prime viewing position in front of the TV.

Both chairs are electric and fully rise and assist guests standing up, and they also fully recline too.

Electric Profiling (hospital) Bed


Our electric profile bed has full adjustments including height, tilt, back rest, and knee support.

It has removable cotsides. These have a safety screen on to prevent wandering arms and legs getting trapped between the wooden lats. The cot sides can be removed altogether and stashed out the way if guests prefer.

Oxford Midi mobile hoist

Oxford Midi Mobile Hoist

Our hoist is available for guests to use. Just let us know when you book, or like all our equipment if you decide you want to borrow it after you arrive thats ok too. Just let us know. We DO NOT PROVIDE SLINGS and and ask that guests bring their own.

Wheeled shower chair / commode

Our wheeled shower chair / commode is very versatile. It has arm rests that can fold up. Removable / adjustable footrests. It is height adjustable. The centre paddle can be lifted off the seat so it can be used as a nighttime commode, and the pan can be removed so that it can be used to wheel directly over the WC if required. it is a wheeled showerchair too – and designed to get wet. Perfect for getting someone ready in the bedroom then wheeling them directly into the wetroom for a shower.

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