Accessible Aids & Equipment

We have an electric profile bed that has back raise, raise the bed/lower the bed, knee raise and tilt functions, as well as removable cot sides, that is always in the bungalow.

We also have a riser/recliner chair that also has built in massage functionality.

Our rocking chair has also proved therapeutic to some guests and remains a hit.

We also have – free for guests to borrow (just let us know):

  • A wheeled showerchair / commode.  This can be a night commode, or it can be adjusted to go over the loo, and is designed to get wet and be wheeled into the shower to act as a shower chair.
  • We have a static shower chair for those that prefer no wheels
  • We have an Oxford midi electric hoist (Guests need to bring their own slings)
  • We have a selection of lights, projector and glass bubble tube (complete with fish and jellyfish that rise up and down) to turn the single bedroom into a pop up sensory room if required.  just let us know if you want to borrow any of these.

We don’t charge for the loan of equipment.